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Hello friend Do you want to publish your article in makrofolder.com? So here i am. If you write article and want to publish it in our website with you reference link so great appreciate you. But it’s more important to follow our rules and regulation.

Makrofolder.com is accepting Submissions for SEO, Tutorials (Guide me, Teach me, Master), WordPress, Blogging Tip, Online Money Making and Also Good articles which is related our category.

Actually, You can write anything with related our site, Approval your subject from the editors, of course..


What We Generally Want

You can get a idea what we are looking for by browsing the site. We like to push topics that are about SEO, Money Making, WordPress, Free Stuff etc. Definitely standards based things, New Tips, New News, and New techniques, Tutorial and overall impressive demos.


How to Get Started

Getting started is very easy. We want content and we’ll publish your post after review ! Here’s how it works:

1) First create an account
2) Draft your article
3) Press “Publish”
4) Wait for approval
5) Get paid!


How to Get Published?

After your submissions we check it and if we found that this article is unique and not carry over link then we will submit your article instantly. But if we see that your article break our any terms then we will edit it and then approve. Be remembering we only accept English articles.


“Don’t try to use any copy paste or any scratch Writing content.”

From our site here are few tips to get approve your article for submission.


1)      Please write a good and attractive title.

2)      Ensure that your article between 800 to 1000 words. (Seriously, do not make us reject a piece over this)

3)      Brief Clearly in Description and Use you reference website link (only one time).

4)      Use a good Feature Image related with you article

5)      Must Describe your article Tags..

6)      If possible give a video guide..(You can use YouTube video or any others video site )


All Done?

If Have any confusion? Then, Contact us.
Best of luck and happy writing!

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