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How to Increase Your website page rank

Page rank is very important for every website. If you own a web site, but you did not have page rank that means your website in not popular. Google Page rank depends on backlinks. Backlinks are Links which pointing to your website from other websites. The more backlinks you have create, the higher your PR will be acquiring.

 1. Write useful high-quality article or information on your website

A unique and quality content is a major fact for your page rank. If you want to impress google the you should Create content a that users like to read and willing to share with others.

2. Join forums

Forums are one of the great way to get links to your website. Most forums are allowed to have a signature and in your signature you easily put a link to your website. But most important note is that make sure the forum is related to your website. If it’s no You will still get credit, merely if it’s related to your website than it will be carrying out two tasks at one time.

3.  Submit your site to web directories and references websites

The web directory is an internet based link directory where web site is coordinated by specialized subject, category and subcategory. The web directory is not only search engine it far different between search engine. Search engine indexed website by spider and web directory indexed website by humans.

Place your site URL to popular web directories include Open Directory Project (ODP) like Yahoo!, being, and LookSmart. Also post URL to online references website like Wikipedia, expert  ndustry-specific sites, blogs, etc.

4. Using newsletters for  visitor

Newsletters are one of the ways to Inform people what’s new on your website. The newsletter will remind people about your site and encourage them to visit again to find interesting content. When you create a newsletter you will try to keep visitors coming back to your website by  giving new special deals.

 5. Create a  Rich Site Summary (RSS).

RSS is well known as Really Simple Syndication.If I describe about RSS that  “A lightweight XML format for broadcasting news headlines and other content on the Web.”

It easy for other sites to distribute your headlines and content, your RSS feed will be indexed by popular Blog search engines,

6. Create Links with related websites.

Fro is getting high page rank create links with related websites will be major tasks you must attempt. This is very easy to find , but difficult to obtain links from them.

Go to search engine and type your subject or your keyword. Google will show you all website which is related with your keyword and subject. Now find out website which you think good, then contact them in some way to get your link posted on their website. This will be the most difficult task because a lot of webmasters ignore this.

You can also high someone to do this task for you. In online you can get mony company who did this type of job for you. But you spend some bucks for this.

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