How To Get WiFi Password For Android Phone Without ROOT

Hack WiFi password for Android Phone Without ROOT: WiFi network Connection is  most used service in a device by android users. Most of People use this wifi network at many different places like Home, Office, Gym, Restaurant, Play Ground,  etc. Presently, a large number of us may know about the way that, each time we write a Wifi Password on a Android Phone it keeps save.

So, next time when we we try to access that network it will connect quickly. It is very hard to remember all the different passwords in our mind. Sometimes our android phone wifi network stops working, At that time we need to click on forgot password to fix the problem. We all know that It’s very easy task to get all the passwords on Windows 10 but what if you are using an android phone as the only source. Then, it can get a bit difficulty for you.

 Way 1: Display WiFi passwords Android Without ROOT

Well, most of the services are only available for rooted Android devices. And this is because most of  hidden features of smartphones are only available only when you have root your phone. If you use the WiFi network of your own working zone, then you can Find a WiFi password very easily. But, one thing to remember here is that this method will only work for the device which is connected to same network. First thing is that you need to check the wireless router. Whichever, router you are using you need to open the admin panel of that router.

Just in case, if you don’t know the name of the router or it’s website to change the settings. Then, in that case, what you can do is change your IP address of the Android device to either or


Now after that, the portal will ask you for username and the password.


Now you can just provide below-given username and password. All the wireless router have a default value of username and password which is:

  • Username: Admin
  • Password: Admin

After provide username and password, the settings page will open. Then you easily changes like WiFi password , Block mac Address, and bandwidth control, etc. To see the saved WiFI password without rooting your device. Go to Wireless> wireless security.

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Way 2: View WiFi passwords With ES File Explorer Pro

Now we are talking about new methods, But this one is a bit difficult as compared to other ways. Although, it is an interesting method to find the WiFi password on the Android Mobile.

First of All you need to Download and install ES File Explorer.

Download ES File Explorer

After that, just enable Root explorer from Tools menu. Then, it will confirm the authentication by asking the permission, then allow it.

How to Show WiFi Password Android Phone Without ROOT

Select Local>Device. As soon as you click that a root explorer will open.

Select Local Device As soon as you click that a root explorer will open 2

Now, after that go to data/misc/wifi folder and then you will see a file named wpa_supplicant.conf.


Open it by double-clicking on it and then Go for ES Note Editor. Finally, you can see the wifi password Under the network section.


One thing to remember here is that you should not make any changes in this file. If you do change the configurations then, your device will show you the errors.


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Way 4: Show WiFi Password using Share Password

Well, This  is not actually method or application to hack WiFi passwords. It is possible to see the option of Share WiFi  Network on several Android devices. MI Android Mobile users have said that this option available with MIUI 8. So, if you are an MI Android Mobile user, then you can use it.

Go to Settings > WiFi, and you will see an option of Tap to share the password. Just click it to use.


After that, what it will do is that it will generate a QR code. So open the QR code scanner in other device and scan it.

show wifi password android no root and how to know wifi password no root

It will give you the  Specific WiFi name and password and then you can use it. For that case,  you need to use the WiFi network from your computer then just take the screenshot. Then, send the snapshot to your Computer and then scan the QR code from your device.

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